Pocketcell 3000mAh Energy Bank

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Key Highlights: - Have you experienced battery is flat and you need the mobile phone urgently to stay connected? - Energy bank is as important as mobile phone these days - and you need it with you all the time! - If something is big and bulky, you probably won’t want to carry it around. - Our PocketCell rechargeable battery bank fits right in your pocket and charges all your USB-powered portable devices, without weighing you down. - With 72g ultra-lightweight and compact design, Innergie PocketCell is as small as a lipstick, making it perfect for your pocket. - Winner of International Awards Specification: - Brand: Innergie - Battery Capacity (mAh): 3,000 - 2.1A Fast-Charging USB Port - Dimensions (mm): 90,9 x 29,8 x 21,1 - Net weight: 72g - Micro-USB Cable Included - InnerShield™ Power Protection - Integrated GreenSense™ Technology